Current Campaign

Economic Development


In partnership with the Ndengera Foundation, Gate OneSeventeen has overseen a massive community development project that has enabled a self-sustaining community for over 600 orphans. Originally we sponsored over 800 orphans but through a partnership with Compassion International, we have transitioned 175 kids to their program.

Gate OneSeventeen has overseen the purchase of 8 acres of land for farming that is now producing potatoes, corn, onions and bananas.  Other projects included a pig farm, an apple orchard, and a Tilapia farm.  We dug a deep clean water well for over 1,000 families in the community, built primary and secondary school buildings, gave away over 300 goats to local widows, and developed an on-site medical facility that is the most advanced clinic in Western Rwanda.

The clinic is staffed by local physicians and nurses and is capable of screening and treating early cervical cancer, provide vasectomies, perform ultrasounds and various other outpatient medical care.  It also has dedicated ½ day a week to charity care for children and boasts the largest maternity wing in Western Rwanda.

The clinic, the school, and the water well are all powered by solar panels provided by G2 Labs in Vancouver, Washington.  The secondary school boasts instruction in vocational skills as diverse as: welding, computers, auto mechanics, sewing, card making, and jewelry.