Days for Girls


On a trip to East Africa in 2015, we tested a program called "Days for Girls."  Days for Girls empowers women and girls around the globe providing sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education.

In the developing world, most girls miss school during their periods.  As a result, the lack of available hygiene resources has become an obstacle to their education. 

Through education and the re-usable hygiene packs provided by Days for Girls, the girls are able to attend school more consistently.  

In 2015, we had a "Girl Party", passed out hygiene packs, and had an instructional time to over 200 adolescent girls. The reception was much more enthusiastic than we anticipated.  

Once we saw the potential of the Days for Girls model, we contacted the parent organization to begin conversation about a self-sustaining model.

This new project will employ 5-10 women full time.  We will provide them with all the training and coaching they need, sewing machines, tables, a two-room facility for production and storage, startup stock of material, backpacks, and uniforms. 

The re-usable hygiene packs will be sold and the profits returned to pay salaries and buy more material for more packs.   

The initial startup cost for this campaign is $50,000.